This is the FIRST Official LIVE PERFORMANCE at the White Crow since Feb 2020! (The COVID 19 situation, as with many industries hit.. has been crippling for Musicians and Venues alike. WE CANT wait to see you at the CROW again! COVID Precautions are in place at the Crow. We are opening this event at 2/3 capacity and capping at 80 Ticket Sales. After 2 full years now of Covid guidelines, mandates and recommendations we know, that you know how to stay as safe as possible. If you are vaxxed or Unvaxxed please wave the evening, if you have been sick. Masks are not required but are always recommended for those who are not vaxxed or are susceptible to illness. )
Rory Makem comes from a long lineage of Irish musicians. His grandmother, Sarah Makem, was sought after for her vast collection of Irish songs. His father, the legendary Tommy Makem, who died in 2007, is widely known as the modern Bard of Armagh. So, it should be no surprise that Rory would turn out to be one of the leading voices in the Irish song heritage in his own right. The County Louth, Ireland-born singer/songwriter who has been touring for more than 25 years will bring his favorite Irish music to the White Crow Audience in Saginaw MI on SAINT PATRICKS DAY 2022! Makem—who is well known to audiences across the world, captivates listeners and fans with his skilled musicianship, his charisma and passion for the songs, his extensive knowledge of poetry and history, and his sense of humor. An adept interpreter of folk songs, he is also a multi-instrumentalist. Not limiting himself to the stage, Makem has performed on movie soundtracks and his compositions can be heard woven into a number of PBS programs. He has recorded with many of the luminaries in folk music including Noel Paul Stookey, Tom Paxton, Schooner Fare and Gordon Bok. CAN it get Better? YES, because opening the night with the First Set will be Siusan O'Rourke and Zietler with Monday's Supper! O'Rourke and Zeitler were nominated 3 times by the Irish music association for top Duo in the US UK EUR and IRE, and their last CD, "Chance the Arm" was named 2014 Celtic Album of the year by Irish Radio Celtic Echos. They are joined by their bandmates from their four piece, "Monday's Supper." On whistles, bodhran and backup vocals is Katherine Bach Morris of Hooley and Equinox fame and on fiddle, Nellie Schrantz Osantowski. A special "holiday set" from this band will include many of Americas Tin Pan Alley Irish American Favorites as well as some of O'Rourkes trademark originals and stunning Ballads. NOT TO BE missed this will be a Rare night of wonderful Irish and Celtic music performed in an intimate setting by some of the best! Advance Tickets Recommended